Monday, 7 June 2010

quilts & grace kelly at the v&a

a touch of retro inspiration was found on a trip to london's v&a museum to see the grace kelly 'style icon' exhibition and the quilts 1700 - 2010 last week. the kelly show was small but nonetheless interesting as it also featured the original 'kelly bag' and a display of fab vintage specs and hats. the quilts were astonishingly large (as seen in one of the pictures). note the modern quilt by sara impey which was inspired by a letter of her mother's and she picked up on the phrases 'never did like punctuation' and 'see you suddenly one day'. Made in 2009 in silk the phrases are stitched into the surface with tight hexagonal stitches across each box. of note was an animal skin print alexander mcqueen dress in a case of its own in the main part of the fashion gallery. poignant.for dates and opening times visit

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