Monday, 24 November 2008

Rubitone Ignacio Pilotto

a way round head scratching over those difficult colour combos?

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Tara Donovan

making the ordinary beautiful. tara's work concentrates on objects that we wouldn't give the time of day and makes them show-stopping pieces of art. her button and tarpaper installations are our favourites.

Monday, 17 November 2008

Moet Midnight Gold

if there's something show-stopping out there no doubt selfridges will have nabbed it. camille toupet is the latest starlet turn behind this limited edition for moet and there's only 100 of these badboys in the uk. we're not sure whether this little gold lambskin gimpsuit is really as fun for us as it is for the champagne snug inside (though the necktie is meant for post-party accessorising as a blinging  bracelet) but guess that if anytime of the year is right for a furry outfit this is it, unless you prefer the cold that is, oh....
available from selfridges, london, lavina, paris and hédiard, monaco. 340 quid a pop

Innocent Hats

there's nothing more sobering than a saturday supermarket full of 2 for 1's and big 'ol value banners but hooray for innocent and their annual woolie hat parade. wmu was not just chirpy to find, not only their favorite lemon and ginger back on the shelf but positively cheep cheep that the loving feeling can work both ways with a shiny 50 pence piece donated to age concern. here's ours still working its cosy karma.

retrospective sonia rykiel

always an individual in the melting pot of paris, fashion's famous red head has the first retrospective of her 40yr career. expect and enjoy the figure hugging shapes, stripes, glitter and pop art style that has made her work so fun, easy and sexy. for those lucky enough to find themselves in paree the addition of romantic and whimsical photographs by dominique isserman and sarah moon make this a must. 20th nov 08- 19th april 09.

Friday, 14 November 2008


as we say in our blurb, our blogs are not always about what's new and Lassco's hoard is definably antique. wmu is lucky enough to live within a stone's throw from this well loved reclamation specialist and can reliably inform that they have a surprisingly brisk turnaround on their curiosities so frequent visits are recommended. Current favourites are the fire buckets lining the buildings gates and abundance of medicine phials. lassco, brunswick house, 30 wandsworth road, london, sw8.

Andrew Zuckerman

they say never to work with animals, well andrew we are so glad that you do. these photographs are absolutely amazing.

Levi Van Velux

a one man band is the best way to describe levi van velux. his photography consists purely of self portraits, drawn or applied and photographed by the man himself. his ballpoint series is eerie and dark but mesmerising all at the same time, we just can't stop starring at them. his landscape portraits are well worth a look too.

D.L. & Co

we've been drawn to the dark side recently with an influx of victoriana inspired beauty brands, as the following three posts show. the mysterious mr douglas little has created a surreal beauty brand that comes packaged in lavish  burmese silk and french satin. do pass the smelling salts, D.L. & Co's 'curious offerings that entice the senses and render the common, uncommon' have left us quite dizzy with desire.


our beloved shop at bluebird, kings road has added MAD et LEN to their treasures. Though we are struggling to find information on their origin we know that they are based on travels in the south of france and that their austere, apothecary inspired melange of structures are simply beautiful.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Stephen Jones Perfume

hat man and all-round fashionista stephen jones has teamed up with comme des garçon and produced his first fragrance. it's selling fast and is pretty much sold out everywhere. with its beautiful hat box style packaging it's no surprise as it is sure to become a collectors item.

Klaus Haapaniemi

vogue brought our attention to the illustrator klaus haapaniemi. his 'other worldly' illustrations are magical. he doesn't have an official website yet but you can view his work at

Frank Hülsbömer

wmu hasn't seen photography as nice as this for a very long time. the colour palette and compositions of frank's work is outstanding. see more at 
although we think we added all we could!!