Tuesday, 17 February 2009

hotel du petit moulin

just before nice hotels became the guilty ultimate in over indulgence we sneaked in a night at the hotel du petit moulin. dating from the 17th century on the site of a bakery in the haut-marais district of paris (the facade and sign of which are registered as historic monuments) this bijou beauty has been designed by christian lacroix in a patchwork of styles. We loved everything about it- the dramatic scripted identity scrawled across the windows, it's spotted carpet monochrome carpet and sleek black deco bathrooms- alongside a good suspicious eyeballing from fashionistas over breakfast it all added to the atmosphere wonderfully. ravissante! www.hoteldupetitmoulin.com  


founded in 1886 by Auguste Fauchon a recent-ish rebrand has turned Fauchon into a monument of parisienne ultra chic. Where as Laduree remains Fortnums like with it's delicate pastel macaroons and elegant original packaging, Fauchon's bold black & white repeat logo prints and shocking pink neon blares out the acid style of the avant-garde. Or as close to it as jam and cream cakes can get. Wallpaper have just voted it's mona lisa eyes eclair the years best snack but we much preferred the leopard print, quite frankly it's a miracle that this one made it as far as a photo. we hope you appreciate the willingness to suffer for our blogging art.

yvon lambert bookstore

spotted during travels in paris Yvon Lambert's bookstore on the rue vieille du temple creates a simply striking spectacle through a projected light display of it's titles onto bookshelves. we sneaked these pictures from a safe corner of the gallery in an attempt not to breach the extreme peace. www.yvon-lambert.com

Thursday, 12 February 2009


this is a project paperwhite studio are spreading some love about at the moment. they are moving away from the cliche valentine's card and asking us what we use as a measuring stick for love. simply submit your love message and it appears in a heart on the website for all to see. lovely! iloveyoumorethanblank.com

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Andy Macgregor

all rounder andy is a jack of all trades and master of all of them. he can turn his hand to illustration, typography, set design and prop styles for one of our favourites tim walker. we heart you so much andy!! www.andymacgregor.com

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Miss Colette

some wicked photos of the colette store in paris are on the selby this week. we think sarah probably has one of the best jobs in the world ever. wmu are enjoying the karl lagerfeld bear very much indeed.