Friday, 26 September 2008


the unusual colours make us keep spotting this beautiful collection of toiletries inspired by sicily's rich culture and tropical climate, gorgeous!

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Zoe Bradley

sculptural artist zoe combines her sculpture with fashion and theatre. her clients include donna karen, selfridges, missoni and many more.

Yu Tsai

yu's work is amazing. look at more here

Grant Hamilton

grant's polaroids are graphic loveliness! he takes shots of everyday things cropped in so tight they become unrecognisable. he has many on his site.

Bygg Studio

some nice work is being done over at bygg studio in stockholm. their portfolio consisits of graphic design, illustration and set design. we love this font above.

De De Ce

lovely things at this japanese based shop. they sell everything from occasion cards to lights.
how could you ever bring yourself to write on these notebooks?
check them out

Uchu Country

how cool are these? these hats are made from real hair. lots more to see at

Wednesday, 24 September 2008


you may think that this furniture is danish but it is actually japanese.
they have a lovely self promotion catalogue too.

Anne Kyyrö Quinn

to dampen sound in sparse areas such as hotels and libraries, this london based design studio has realised the properties of felt and used it in a truly inspiring way. they have many other products as in cushions, bags etc (which you may have seen in elle deco), but the wall panels are a new product line.

Tom Dixon

tom has some new lighting that he showcased at 100% design.
his mirror ball light is now available on a stand and looks just as stunning as its predecessor.
view more of his products at  because there are just too many beautiful pieces to post!