Wednesday, 23 June 2010

dandy in the underworld

‘i have invested ninety percent of my money on prostitutes, the rest on class a drugs, the remains i squandered’.

the soho theatre have a one-hour adaptation by tim fountain of ‘dandy in the underworld’ – the infamous autobiography of sebastian horsley. with many anecdotes lifted from the book itself and a few new ones for good measure it reflects upon his life as a rebellious drug-addicted dandy with a wit to rival oscar wilde. he lived in soho and dressed everyday in a shirt that turnball and asser knew as ‘the horsley shirt’ of his own design. Be warned the book and the play are not for the light of heart and if you can’t make it to see the show (on until 10th july) then buy a copy of the book. the man himself died of a heroin overdose after the opening night last week after many years clean from drugs. a sad loss for soho.

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