Friday, 30 July 2010

public pie

on one of our many trips to see clients we came across public pie. this netherland-based brand is basically a pie making stall that tours around with their lush homemade pies. we love their name and identity.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

glorious foods//skinny

glorious!! Has launched a new range of skinny soups and pasta sauces. the soups include asian tomato, rice and ginger and sunny thai chicken as well as goan spiced tomato and lentil. the sauces have great names like big easy creamy chilli sauce and new york alfredo sauce. each pot contains only 160 calories. a survey commissioned by glorious showed that the number of people eating soup as a meal has grown by nearly 5% since 2006, with fresh soup sales growing 16% in the last three years.

raymond briggs

the university of the arts london have interviewed the illustrator raymond briggs about his life at art school (wimbledon college of art) and his advice as an illustrator. the 4 minute interview is both charming and informative.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

i lick my cheese

a new arrival in the studio has been causing a few cackles. i lick my cheese is a collection of notes by oonagh O’hagan that housemates/flatmates leave for one another with a little commentary/explanation on each one. Some are outrageous and other unfortunately too common. Enjoy these snippets.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010


powder palettes have really entered the realm of product challenger over recent years. on the 12 july burberry will be launching a beige and khaki colours inspired by their infamous trenches. meanwhile dior will be launching the limited edition (only 150) tailleur bar featuring the new look silhouette model of the 1950s left bank. above is also the chanel spring 2009 lip palette and their beautifully simple poudre lumiere pressee in 05 eveil rose.

kjaer weis

danish–born but new york based, kjaer weis, is a very contemporary health and beauty brand. While using organic ingredients they maintain a luxury appeal employing lacquered grain-textured boxes to house their metal compacts.

royksopp and tricky

the norwegian dance duo royksopp are soon to release a new album shortly after their its predecessor earlier this year. while you wait have a listen to the free song every month.

similarly tricky is previewing a track from his new trip-hop album. murder weapon is available online at the link below.

numero//green & spring

our packaging for green & spring has been featured in a piece about floral notes and nature in the june-july issue of numero.

Monday, 26 July 2010


fashion designer diane von furstenberg has re-designed a series of rooms, junior suites and the third floor piano suite at the london hotel claridges with colourful results.

‘claridges is my favourite hotel in the world’

‘as an ardent traveller herself she has approached the project from the guest's perspective first and as a designer second, with an instinctive understanding of what will satisfy not only men and women but also their families.’