Monday, 13 February 2012

david choe

graffiti artist david choe was hired to decorate the original facebook hq in 2005. this was before Facebook was even slightly established, let alone the global mecca it is now. choe was offered either $60,000 or stock shares in the company- he opted for the shares. his reasoning was that he simply "liked to gamble." seven years later he has what is estimated in the "hundred millions." his issue? he already did what he wanted before he made this money, and now he's aware that he can't buy back his privacy. his graffiti is unique and inspired by his slightly nomadic lifestyle which includes stints in a korean prison, street life and general freedom.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

who: jen stark



stark has built an incredible profile for herself considering she only graduated in 2005. her paper sculptures have been exhibited extensively around the US, with major shows in nyc, seattle, miami, washington dc, and chicago.

who: diego gravinese


buenos aires

gravinese has an amazing ability to turn an image into an identikit yet emotive painting. his works in oil have
clearly been influenced by the 1960s pop art movement with artists such as richard hamilton.

space: umbro hq


stockport, greater manchester

after a move to a new hq, umbro needed a re-design and boy did they get one. the new expression reflects the brands 'modern football culture....reset to an internal audience in a way that serves to inspire, motivate and remind on a daily basis.'

space: resto



resto opened their doors in 2007 but have recently gained a true following with their nose-to-tail dining experience and their extensive belgian beer list. with dishes like 'cote de boeuf poularde in half mourning' and 'our large format feast program' they have gained rave press across nyc. their tagline of 'bringing fat back' is proving a huge hit with the sustainable food movement.

show: antidote chocolate//tripple red



we hear that it was tripple red design that created the playful and contemporary design for antidote chocolate. a bar that contains 50:50 raw to roasted cocoa beans and contains not only herbs and spices but also the anti-oxidant moringa.

'(the founder) felt that although superfoods were good for you, they were not necessarily pleasant to the palate. therefore, the challenge was to formulate a bar that was nutritious, antioxidant-rich, fun, delicious and enjoyable to eat. so, (she) set out to do her research and found that the combination of cacao and moringa was second to none in terms of nutritional value. The health benefits of raw cacao are many, including magnesium, iron, zinc, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants.'