Monday, 30 April 2012

pantone pasta

trendland have collaborated with photographer alison anselot and got nifty with a pantone book. they have produced a series of recipes to match different pantone colours! get creative in the kitchen and impress your graphics friends...

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

andrew miller

millers current project aims to test the quality of design against our recognition of brands. everyday (for 100 days) the 'brand spirit' blog showcases a new example of an everyday object sprayed white in an effort to test our constant expose to branding.
miller himself is 'by day a strategic agent of change... i study by night....and I’m on a perpetual quest for the perfect burger.'

keep an eye on this one.

Monday, 2 April 2012

do: easter parade

it's nothing new (been going since the mid-1800's '
when high-society ladies would promenade in their Easter finery after church') but it's such a creative classic that we had to feature the fact that easter parade is coming up this weekend in new york. with the most creative milinary on show everyone wants to have a good time and no-one wants to be taken seriously. even irving berlin dedicated a fred astaire and judy garland techni-colour musical film to it (worth a watch we promise you!).

image courtesy of time out new york

Fifth Ave from 49th to 57th Sts.

show: pentagram for saks

here is an extension of pentagrams amazing work for saks fifth avenue. their iconic black and white logo design has gone down in design history.

who: andy smith

we spotted smith at the annual graphic design showcase pick me up exhibition at london's somerset house. a master screen printer and super-dooper sign maker he makes for a colourful and engaging illustrator/typographer.

do: old vic tunnels holiday camp

if anyone is at a loose end on thursday evening in london there will be a crowd from pf heading to the old vic tunnels easter holiday camp.

aiming to re-create a holiday camp underground the event will feature 'a rolling easter meadow with deck chairs and a pimms bar, picnic benches and a bouncy castle. you can get competitive at the volleyball and badminton courts and sail into the sunset at the boating lake. we’ll have a campfire for reliving those long hot summer nights, plus a games room and ping pong tables. join the easter egg hunt, eat candy floss and show us your best bunny hop on the dance floor.'

image courtesy of bellyflopmag
on thursday & friday

space: red bull hq, amsterdam

the new headquarters,
in a district on the north side of amsterdam’s port area, was designed by sid lee architechts and was a former heritage shipbuilding factory which included a disused russian submarine. the space was based on the brands dna and was designed “to suggest the idea of the two opposed and complementary hemispheres of the human mind, reason versus intuition, arts versus the industry, dark versus light, the rise of the angel versus the mention of the beast”.