Tuesday, 17 November 2009

the art of the trench

social networking at its most stylish. Burberry joins in but keeps it totally on brand with their recruitment of scott schuman. the celebrated and hot property sartoralist shoots wearers of trench coats, burberry's most iconic item, in the fashion capitals of the world and invites comments on both coats and the wearers' individual style

Pia Ulin

we had a visit today from a photography agency who brought our attention to the photographer pia ulin. pia's interior work really stood out as exceptional and we are loving the series of shots for h&m home. (first 3 pics)

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Iain Crawford

loving your work sir, it's awesome! iancrawford.com

Liberty christmas grotto

still with liberty, and yesterday might have brought the sad news that the london brand luella has lost its backer. but its gloriously glam grotto in liberty can provide us with a temporary shiny shrine till they get themselves a new one, top of the xmas list we're sure. she's had a hand in the windows too and filled them with the important and patriotic stuff of our retro brit xmases- girl's world anyone? http://blog.liberty.co.uk

rubbish fashionable finger puppets

talking of christmas wish lists these are on ours- or they would be if Liberty hadn't sold out at the moment. rubbish finger puppets made by rubbish magazine with a donation from each going to great ormond street hospital. anything but rubbish finger fabulousness

Monday, 9 November 2009


newish things from our creative team. pearlfisher.com


lovely pieces on sale at pedlars.co.uk at the moment. this shop has to be a 'must' stop before writing that christmas wish list.

New Alphabet Bags

nice update on the 'tote' that everyone should have. alphabetbags.com