Thursday, 1 March 2012

do: 21st century explorer

'why do some travel experiences thrill us and others leave us cold? Is it the destination or the length of journey that shape our reactions? '

ever question whether your doing enough with your evenings? Why not spend an evening being stretched by the school of life's evening talk with tristan gooley. as an explorer and navigator and author of the forthcoming book the natural explorer he's got the credentials to guide this course.

'combining the work of the some of the most insightful travellers of the past two thousand years with his own experience, tristan gooley demonstrates how it is possible to connect profoundly with the lands we travel through....exploration is no longer about hauling sleds to the pole or dropping dead for want of a drop of water, it is about celebrating the sense of connection and discovery that is possible in all our travels.'

£20.50 - 15th march

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