Monday, 30 January 2012

do: a room for london



one of the most unusual hotel rooms to grace london is currently balancing above the southbank as part of alain de botton's on-going living architecture project, a room for london. The structure has been built to look like that of a tug boat and has been built by architects david kohn and fiona banner. five hundred architects and artists from around the world submitted entries for this olympics inspired project. by day the space will be used for podcasted interviews which are available on the website. this one room hotel could be booked by the public for a single night throughout 2012 and offers panoramic views of the thames. on the other hand, after booking opened for the july-dec period on the 19th every date was sold out in seconds. there are however other buildings as part of the project which can be booked online by visiting the site below.

'with an en-suite double bedroom, kitchenette, library and viewing deck, guests are invited to rest and reflect upon what they see and hear during their one night stay; logging their thoughts, observing cloud patterns, the character of the river and deeper undercurrents.'

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