Wednesday, 1 February 2012

do: nachttheatre sugar factory



this incredible venue hosts evenings that are a mash-up of theatre, performance and club night. these experience based events are going from strength to strength and are spreading worldwide; reinforcing the idea that individual participation is what matters, basically there wouldn't be an event without you, the attendee.
the sugar factory manifesto is a blinder too (then again so are their posters)....

'artistic- cultural - progressive - independent

we believe art, parallel to love, is the supreme human expression.
we believe creativity is an essential necessity, just like individual freedom is a basic condition to the permanence of civilized humanity.
we believe progress of culture in general can only be secured by particular actions of creative individuals who are free to act, and therefore not restricted politically or institutionally.
we believe in no dividing lines between what is natural and what is human.
we believe in no fixed definitions: to question all things is natural and therefore true. Creativity is conditioned by fluctuations of all meanings, parallel to development of perception.'

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