Tuesday, 27 September 2011

lush spa

if I say ‘lush’ what do you think of? londoners have come to associate the beauty brand with stores you can smell a mile off, neon coloured slabs of supposedly organic gunge and bath bombs designed for 13 year old girls. we’ve come to see it almost as a flavour rather than a smell, however, it’s come to taste of overly sugared sweets. interestingly it’s ethos of organic and natural ingredients still stands strong in people’s minds but isn’t truly expressed through what we necessarily see in store.

so imagine our amazement when we stumbled across the founding store in poole of all places. the articulate and informed ash gave us a tour of the little known lush spa. this was almost an entity in it’s own right from the store it adjoined and felt like a true and more authentic expression of their philosophy. ash expertly talked us through the treatments and the dedication to authenticity the founders have in creating new products and ensuring the continued quality of current offerings. he talked with genuine enthusiasm and how involved he himself has been with the brand. the trilby hat, pin-thin tie alongside his fascinatingly tattooed colleague kurt simply added to our renewed interest in the brand.

the spas also exist on the kings Rd, kingston and leeds with further information about their ‘validation facial’ and ‘the good hour’ treatment on their website (don’t be fooled by the images that look like witches gift packs).

now is the time to re-visit and revise ones opinion.


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